Reverse SSH Tunnel

Needs to be rewritten.

Workstation -- Server 1 -||- Server 2

On Server 2 (behind firewall or double NAT):

ssh -f -N -T -R<Port opened on Server 1>: <Server 1 Username>@<Server 1 IP Address>

On Workstation:

ssh -f -N -T <Server 1 Username>@<Server 1 IP Address> -M -S <Whatever Control Socket Name> -L <Workstation RHP>:localhost:<Port opened on Server 1>

ssh -p <Workstation RHP> -S <Whatever Control Socket Name> <Server 2 Username>@localhost

Jump Server:

Host - Jump -||- Remote


ssh -f -N -T -R<Port opening on Jump Server>:<Jump server SSH port> <jump username>@<Jump IP address (public IP)>


ssh -f -N -T -g <jump username>@localhost -L <globally listening port to connect into>:localhost:<port opened initially on jump server>


ssh -p <global listen on jump> <remote username>@<jump server IP address (private IP)>