Level 2


  1. SSH into the new user
  2. Read the password file name - in the home directory

Objective 1

We need to SSH into bandit1 with the password we just obtained.

  • Username: bandit1
  • Password: boJ9jbbUNNfktd78OOpsqOltutMc3MY1
  • Port: 2220
  • IP/Hostname: bandit.labs.overthewire.org
user@localhost:~$ ssh -p 2220 [email protected]


Objective 2

An ls will show is the file is there.

Doing a cat - won't work, as it will be intepreted for flags, so the process will just hang.

A nifty trick to list files in a directory, sort of like tree is to do find ., which will find all the files in your current directory (.).

bandit1@bandit:~$ find .

Now let's read the file.

bandit1@bandit:~$ cat ./-