Turnkey Linux Template Fix

Making TurnKey LXC containers run as unprivileged

In an effort to heighten security, especially for anything that may or may not be publicly exposed, you should strive to have your LXC containers run as unprivileged.

There are known problems with postfix. If you remove the following:

rm -f /var/spool/postfix/dev/urandom
rm -f /var/spool/postfix/dev/random

For instance, in Proxmox, after you have removed these files, you can backup the container, delete the existing container, then redeploy the container from backup as an unprivileged container.

You can also avoid triggering the TurnKey containers setup scripts and hooks by chrooting into the container through the hypervisor.

For example:

root@proxmox:~# pct list
VMID       Status     Lock         Name                
100        running                 Example

root@proxmox:~# lxc-attach 100